World Hijab Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم | السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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What is this ? Simply, World Hijab Day is a day for women or girls who do not typically wear hijab to give it a try. This project asks Muslims who are non-hijabers and non-Muslims to walk a day in our shoes. What is hijab ? According to Discovery Channel :

"Hijab" is a general term referring to a wide variety of head coverings and scarves worn by some Muslim women. In Arabic, the word means "barrier" or "partition," but in the Muslim faith, the term also encompasses the principle of modesty that Muslims believe they are called to live by. Most Westerners simply refer to these garments as veils. A hijab can be simply a scarf that covers a woman's hair, or it can refer to the full-body burqas worn in Afghanistan that cover everything except the eyes.

A woman body is sacred. Protect it ! For me, when I cover my hair, chest and body, I'm sending a silent message that I respect my body and I love my body. I'm not showing my body to non-mahram. I am grateful because I was born as a Muslim. I was taught since I was little to wear hijab. Alhamdulillah. Hijab is a barrier. A barrier from the evil and naughty eyes. A barrier from doing something bad. Hijab is a prevention from ignorant minds who only judge woman by the clothes and the skin she shows. That's how hijab works.

I want you all have a better understanding about the hijab. Take a day to learn. I'm inviting all my female readers to wear hijab on the 1st of February which is this Friday. I dare you ! Try it yourself and feel it. Yes, you'll feel different in a hijab. Walk with confidence. Afraid you'll get a negative response ? Learn what it is like to have others treat you with preconceived notions. Take a day to see what it is like to draw the attention to your words when the rest of your body is not available to be seen. Instead they will judge you for what is in your mind, your character, your ambition and goals.

Are you up for the challenge ? Let's support this project ! This is not a sponsored entry. I am pleased to hear any non-hijaber's or non-Muslim's story, experience and knowledge of a day wearing hijab. I'll share it on my blog, Insyaallah. You can e-mail me - nadyabubble@gmail.com

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